Poodle - Dog Pictures


The Poodle comes in three sizes :


Standard: Over 38 cm (15 in) at the shoulder
Miniature: Over 28 cm (11 in) high, but under 38 cm
Toy: Under 28 cm (11 in) and 10 lb or under

The American Kennel Club has a slightly different standard, with the maximum for Toys and the minimum for Miniatures at 25cm (10 in). The FCI standards divide poodles into four groups: Large (45 to 60 cm), Medium (35 cm to 45 cm), Miniature (28 cm to 35 cm) and Toy (less than 28 cm with an ideal size of 25 cm).


Poodle - Dog Pictures

Poodle standards call for a coat of solid color, one of black, white, brown, grey, blue, or apricot.

The fur on the Poodle's body is naturally curly, often in small tight clumps of small curly ringlets. Hair on the ears can be straight or slightly curly. With brushing, the dog's fur will still retain wavy or curly properties, but will soften and straighten somewhat.



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