Brazilian Terrier


Brazilian Terrier - Dog Pictures


The Brazilian Terrier stands around 14-16 in (35.5-40.5cm) at the withers. The Brazilian Terrier's appearance is typical of dogs descended from fox terrier types: the short coat is tri-color (white with markings in two other colors; permissible colors are black, tan, brown and blue). Their skull is flat and wedge-shaped, with folded ears. The tail of the Brazilian Terrier may be docked or natural. It weight can be between 14-20lbs (6.5-9kg).

Brazilian Terrier - Dog PicturesBrazilian Terrier - Dog Pictures


These dogs are alert, intelligent and playful with stronger than average hunting instincts.  The Brazilian Terrier must be kept active and occupied, becoming destructive or restless if bored.


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